Data Exploration and Visualization

Project History A history of the project in two pictures and a table.
Assorted Auto-generated Charts Various views of the data that are generated as and when the database is updated.
Themes distribution Number of themes per story, stories per theme, etc.
Theme Hierarchy Reference Sheet Browser friendly tabular overview of all themes in the current hierarchy.
Animated Project Progress Over Time An animated version of how stories have been added over time.

Helpful Tools & Links

import story entries Import story entries from Wikipedia and other supported sources. The theme repository. Versioned releases of the theme ontology. R package using the hypergeometric test to identify over represented themes in a given story set.

Download Latest Data

Find versioned copies of the data as json files "dev" indicates the latest version which has been imported from git. It is the data that is live on this website.


How to Theme, part I Breakdown of all theme categories.
How to Theme, part II How to choose between top level theme categories.